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We'd like to thanks everyone who attended the open meeting at St Nicholas and in particular to Maxine Garrett who took on the role of host and spoke with great passion for Healthier Fleetwood.

Maxine is a local girl, running her own business in the Town and bringing up two children and expressed the importance of the community working together to improve Fleetwood for everyone's benefit.

There were several new faces in the audience and offers to help from volunteers which is really appreciated. We heard some lovely, personal stories about why residents are getting involved and want to make a difference.

We'll be announcing more details on some of the topics we discussed like funding for small community projects, Spice Time Credits for volunteers, the new Harmony & Health singing group at Marine Hall, forthcoming events and how we are going to spread the word about Healthier Fleetwood in the future.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd October from 6pm at the Mount Church, Mount Road, Fleetwood and we'd love to see even more residents there so please share this with your friends!


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