Residents’ support for healthcare initiative is recognised

The successful partnership work of Fleetwood’s GPs, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, emergency services, support agencies and local residents has been acknowledged with nomination for a prestigious award.
Fleetwood Primary Care Home, the collective name for the healthcare services that deal with managing acute and long-term illness, has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Primary Care Network Award’ at the General Practice Awards ceremony to be held in London later this year.
Dr Mark Spencer from Mount View surgery said, “I’m delighted for everyone in Fleetwood to be shortlisted for this award.
NHS services are being integrated within communities across the country through Primary Care Networks. Fleetwood has been recognised as being one of the most advanced for our focus on residents being empowered to improve their own health through Healthier Fleetwood, and the integrated management of illness through Fleetwood Primary Care Home.”
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