Healthier Fleetwood was delighted to present an afternoon of dance at Marine Hall to support health and wellbeing. Several residents and partner organisations had suggested dance, music and movement as an excellent way for people to be more active, physically and mentally, and to make new friends. Local dance groups and teachers came together to offer taster sessions in a number of styles and encourage residents to take up a new pastime. The event started with the 'home team', a 30 minute tea dance led by many of the residents who attend the regular Monday afternoon dances and accompanied at the organ by Ian Midgley. Next up were Jen and Becky from Dance Syndrome who offer opportunities for


More than £16,000 has been pledged by Fleetwood Town Council over the next four years to ensure youngsters will be able to use public swimming facilities for free. The town council agreed to ring-fence a four year funding project from 2019 to 2022 to subsidise free junior swimming at the town’s YMCA Leisure Centre pool and also at the nearby Marine Splash play area. The scheme, specifically for Fleetwood youngsters aged 16 and under with the town’s FY7 post code, will see an investment from the council of £4,243 each year, for four years. And the town councillors who proposed the scheme, Coun Cheryl Raynor and Coun Norah Stuchfield, have also agreed a deal with housing group Regenda to contr


Healthier Fleetwood is delighted to have been chosen at the Norther Region winner in the NHS70 Parliamentary Awards and attended the recent ceremony at Westminster for the winners. Dr Mark Spencer and Karen Boylan went down to London on our behalf for the event and although we didn't pick up the National title it's still a fantastic achievement to be recognised at this level and it’s a credit to everyone involved in our partnership. Out thanks to Fleetwood’s MP Cat Smith and her team for the nomination and support throughout the awards. You can find out more about the awards at the NHS70 awards website.


Wyre Council, in partnership with Active Lancashire are launching a 10 week pilot project to offer parkour at Memorial Park, Fleetwood. Parkour, also known as Free-running is a non-competitive physical sport where you train your body to move freely over and through open spaces using only the abilities of your body. Movements can include running, swinging, rolling, jumping, climbing and vaulting, and can be practised anywhere. Practising parkour can help increase fitness and strength as well as balance, coordination and control. It can also be good for developing a creative vision. The exercise, enjoyed mostly by teenagers, can build confidence and self-discipline whilst inciting responsibili

Healthier Fleetwood is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the physical and mental health of the Town's residents by connecting them to each other, services and voluntary groups in the community. As an individual's confidence grows they take more control of their own wellbeing and an active role in the decisions that affect them. We are independent of but work in close partnership with the many organisations supporting the community.

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