The search for the Healthier Fleetwood Young Chef of the Year has proved to be a great success with pupils and teaching staff from the Town’s primary schools. Nearly 400 children from Year 5 have taken part in the challenge over the Summer term with many going on to the final stages, designing a menu and preparing a meal for the hero. The equipment and resources for the challenge have been provided by the Healthier Fleetwood partnership as part of the initiative to improve residents’ health and wellbeing. The programme was designed by nutritional therapist and author Katharine Tate supported by renown chef Harry Lomas MBE. The winners from each school will now go forward to the grand final w


Healthier Fleetwood has teamed up with Disability First to offer a free I.T. training course for people with health conditions or for their carers. Starting on the morning of Tuesday 8th August. The courses will run for 3 weeks at 2 hours each week and be held at the Health & Wellbeing Centre on Dock Street, Fleetwood. The sessions are for those with little or no computer knowledge and will provide the learners with a basic understanding of the subject and the internet in a safe and supported environment. Topics covered will include: The basics of the keyboard and mouse; what is the internet; how to stay safe online; email basics; searching the internet; social networking; managing money onl


Marine Hall at Fleetwood hosts a regular Monday afternoon tea dance. It's always a popular event, well attended and something to look forward to. The dance on Monday 3rd July was extra special with organist Mark Allen, cream tea included in the admission and the event extended by an hour. The tea dance is a great example of an activity that combines some physical exercise with socialising, meeting old friends and making new ones, just the sort of thing we want to support through Healthier Fleetwood. You can find out more about the Marine Hall tea dances on the venue's website. Also at the tea dance was BBC Lancashire's John Gillmore presenting the first of his Summer Tour shows from location

Healthier Fleetwood is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the physical and mental health of the Town's residents by connecting them to each other, services and voluntary groups in the community. As an individual's confidence grows they take more control of their own wellbeing and an active role in the decisions that affect them. We are independent of but work in close partnership with the many organisations supporting the community.

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