Our thanks first of all to Fleetwood Rugby Club for hosting this meeting. Mark Spencer welcomed everyone and was also congratulated on his excellent sub 4 hour time for the London Marathon only 2 days earlier. Mark’s movement around the room for the rest of the evening gave some idea of how much he was aching as a result! With the Healthier Fleetwood partnership now around a year old we do have to think about forming a body that can bid for funding, make decisions and deliver on our projects effectively. Fiona has been looking into this and presented some options which she would formally put up for approval at the next meeting. Volunteers to act as ‘trustees’ or ‘board members’ were invited,


It’s National Gardening Week and Healthier Fleetwood has brought together partners in the Town to provide some TLC for the gardens of housebound and isolated residents. Volunteers known as the ‘Fleetwood Gardens Buddies’ will be out and about undertaking tasks like mowing lawns and clearing paths. Some of the buddies are taking part after being referred by their GP, as a positive step towards improving their own health and wellbeing. Kate Baird, Wyre Council development officer for Memorial Park will supervise the small teams. She said, “We already have the Demonstration Garden at the park which provides an opportunity for members of the community to enjoy gardening while they socialise and


Hazel Stuteley of the C2 Connecting Communities team reports on the two-day event between Fleetwood and Middleport. "Health creation is the enhancement of health & well-being that occurs when individuals & communities achieve a sense of purpose, hope, mastery & control over their own lives & immediate environment." As co-founder of C2, I wrote this definition of health creation early last year when I couldn’t find a suitable quote on the Internet for what we’ve been witnessing for the last 25 years. It’s now quoted widely and is what happens when residents, not services, are firmly at the centre of decision-making supported & enabled by services, working in equal partnership with them. C2 de

Healthier Fleetwood is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the physical and mental health of the Town's residents by connecting them to each other, services and voluntary groups in the community. As an individual's confidence grows they take more control of their own wellbeing and an active role in the decisions that affect them. We are independent of but work in close partnership with the many organisations supporting the community.

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