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Friendlier Fleetwood
Friendlier Fleetwood lunch.jpg

Friendlier Fleetwood was one of the busiest groups in Town before the lockdown with 4 weekly get-togethers including coffee mornings and games sessions, as well as regular social events and trips. They were also great supporters of Healthier Fleetwood, attending all our meetings and being there alongside us at public events.

The group are a great example of the positive impact having somebody to talk to can have on your wellbeing. Their gatherings are always welcoming and relaxed, something for the members to look forward to.

Of course, they haven't been able to meet for some time so one of the organisers, Fran Shaw, has been busy in recent weeks sharing news and activities on their Facebook page - she recently posted a video demonstrating how to make your own protective visor.

Many of the members have had to follow the guidelines for shielding, really missing the chance to meet and have been staying in touch by phoning each other to check everyone is OK and have what they need. With the restrictions easing now the plan is to look at how the group can start with small gatherings in a safe and responsible manner and as confidence grows so will the numbers.

It will be great to have the enthusiasm and good humour of Friendlier Fleetwood back in the community again!

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