Fleetwood’s story is National News

As many of you will have seen Fleetwood was featured on the BBC national news this week.

Health correspondent Dominic Hughes has been following the Healthier Fleetwood story from the start and met with residents in the summer to hear the difference taking up new activities and making new friendships has made to their lives.

Groups like our ANON community arts sessions or the boxercise with Active Lancashire and Fylde Coast YMCA, and the many other opportunities available are improving the health and happiness of individuals and helping to reduce visits to the GPs and A&E.

Among those interviewed was Michaela who shared how much more positive she feels since getting involved in a number of activities, Pauline has made changes to her diet and enjoyed the benefit of joining Harmony & Health and Tony spoke about the reasons why he set up the Mens Shed. 

The common theme was residents taking control of their health by connecting with others and growing in self-confidence. Our thanks to all those who took part.

If you missed the reports first time round they can be seen on-line at http://bit.ly/BBC17919 and http://bit.ly/BBC18919 or read Dominic’s report here.


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