Find out more about Self Care Week 2018

Monday 12th to the Sunday 18th November is Self Care Week; an annual initiative organised by the Self Care Forum to raise awareness about the benefits of self care and what people can do to take care of their health.
Locally, organisations with an interest in health are using the week to encourage people who do not usually take responsibility for their health to make a start by trying one of the thousands of groups available across the Fylde Coast. There is everything from mindfulness sessions to walking football and the hope is that by trying one of these sessions people will continue to attend and make the positive change.

You can find out more by visiting one of the pop-up information booths during the week including Fleetwood Market on Tuesday (13th), Thursday (15th) and Friday (16th) approximately 11am to 1pm; Fleetwood Library 1pm to 3pm on Tuesday (13th) and the Health Centre, Dock Street on Thursday (15th) 10am to 1pm.

There is more information on the website:


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