You might have seen and heard of  #LoveFleetwood lately … so what’s it all about?
#LoveFleetwood is about big ideas for the Town! The logo and brand will appear more in the future at events and projects that bring everyone together to make Fleetwood a better place to live, work and play.
It’s about showing off the Town in the most positive way, being proud of Fleetwood and sharing good news. At the recent public meeting an idea was suggested for a huge Christmas Choir and this will be a great way to really launch #LoveFleetwood. Look out for how to get involved in the Choir and more big ideas!
Healthier Fleetwood fully supports #LoveFleetwood but we are a separate organisation with a different role. From the start we set out to connect the community – bringing together individuals and organisations specifically to improve health and wellbeing.
In partnership with the many organisations and groups working in the Town this approach is making a difference and we look forward to continuing to be a point of contact for any new groups or activities that need a helping hand. Healthier Fleetwood is also the designated lead for social prescribing in the Town and we will be announcing plans to expand the service soon.
We all want to see Fleetwood prosper and for residents to live happier and healthier lives and achieve their potential. The town has always had a strong community spirit and now more than ever we all Love Fleetwood!

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