Local Artists Work is Inspirational

The ANON Community Arts project began in the Autumn with around a dozen local residents signed up for the first session. Three months later and the group were proudly displaying their work at an exhibition event held at the North Euston Hotel.

Red Rose Recovery had funded the project and Healthier Fleetwood had been successful with a proposal put together by local artist Heather Johnstone.

The aim of the course was to support and encourage those taking part to build their self-confidence and express themselves through their art. From the work on display they clearly did that but what came over most of all was the sheer joy and pride in what they had achieved.

Everyone attending the exhibition was impressed with the work and it was a wonderful, inspiring evening. Congratulations to all the artists, to Heather and her colleague Nick Steel for leading the group and our grateful thanks to Red Rose Recovery for giving us the opportunity.

Healthier Fleetwood is planning another arts course for residents and details will be announced in the New Year.

UPDATE JANUARY 2019 – some of the work from ANON is on display at Fleetwood Library in the First Floor gallery space until the end of the month. Thanks to Helen and her team at the Library for their support.


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