Advent Calendar Day 24 – The Fleetwood Community

There can only be one choice as we come to the end of our special Advent Calendar, it’s the whole Fleetwood Community!

Some think Fleetwood’s had it’s day, only tough times lie ahead because there are just too many problems to solve. Of course no individual or organisation can fix everything which is where the amazing people who live and work in the Town can make a difference … together.

The common theme with all the groups, agencies and venues we have highlighted over this month is a willingness to support each other, a desire to encourage new ideas wherever they come from and to create an environment where residents take control over their wellbeing.

Every day there are good news stories coming out of the community, far more than the negative headlines. Take a look at today’s Fleetwood Weekly News and you’ll read about residents, healthcare professionals, businesses and more coming together to raise funds for charity, improve local health care and simply to have fun. Tomorrow volunteers will be hosting a Christmas Day lunch and providing festive cheer for residents who’d otherwise be on their own.

Nobody knows what the future holds but when the Fleetwood Community puts their collective mind to it, anything is possible and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

However you mark the Christmas holiday we wish you all a happy and healthy time.


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