A day out in London to share the Healthier Fleetwood story!

Healthier Fleetwood is delighted to be nominated for the HSJ (Health Service Journal) Awards and recently a small party went down to London to meet the panel of judges. Local resident Pauline Kennedy has been one of our most passionate ambassadors from the start and takes up the story … 

“It was a very ordinary week and then I remembered! I was heading to London on Wednesday with Dr Mark Spencer and Dr Janet Johnson. I had the train tickets. Now, what to wear?

Wednesday morning dawned cold and wet but it couldn’t dampen my spirits. Off to the station at Poulton-le-Fylde where I met Janet and we grabbed a coffee in a effort to warm up – it was only 2C. The train pulled in on time and we headed to Preston to catch the London train. Mark was already in London and we arranged to meet before the presentation we were to give to the Health Service Journal Awards Committee.

Browsing magazines at Preston, Janet and I bumped into the headteacher at Flakefleet School – he was travelling to the capital in connection with the school’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent! Small world!

Drinking coffee on the train, Janet and I discussed what we were to say at the presentation as the train sped southwards. The journey was over so quickly. We hopped in a cab and met up with Mark, and agreed the format so we could represent Healthier Fleetwood as well as we could.

We were ushered into a room with four judges. Introductions took place but if I’m honest, I was so nervous, I couldn’t tell you who they were! We showed them a video and then we each spoke briefly about our journey with Healthier Fleetwood. Questions followed and we all answered to the best of our abilities. And then it was over! It seemed like a couple of minutes but it was nearer half an hour in total.

The winner is to be announced at a dinner on 23rd May in Manchester. We are all hoping that Healthier Fleetwood gets the recognition it deserves for the hard word so many people put in, giving of their time and skills to encourage and help one another.

A quick drink to toast our efforts and we all set off back home. Fortunately the train ran to time and we went home. Weary but pleased with our efforts!”

… we’ll update you when we hear the results, fingers crossed!


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